Filip Ryant [2008-2014], Michal Kowalski [2015 - ]

The list of lectures in the frame of the 23rd American Term 2016:

Section A: Cultural and Political Context of Czechia

A1 – The Velvet Revolution (Alexandr Vondra)
A2 – Cultural context of Czechia (Dagmar Sieglová)
A3 – Czechia and the European Union (Pavel Chromý)
A4 – The Post-Communist Party Development in Czechia (Tomáš Kostelecký)

Section B: Migration and Social Minorities

B1 – International Migration in Czechia in a Broader European Context (Dušan Drbohlav)
B2 – SEMINAR: Levels of Integration of Immigrants in Czechia (Eva Janská & Dušan Drbohlav)
B2 – Queer geography, sexualities, Czechia, progress? (Michal Pitoňák)

Section C: Urban Geography

C1 – Temporality of urban space: everyday lives and daily rhythms on the example of Prague (Lucie Pospíšilová & Petra Špačková)
C2 – Socio-spatial differentiation of contemporary Czechia (Martin Ouředníček)

Section D: The Postsocialist City

D1 – Urban Transformations: Postsocialist City in the Context of Planetary Urbanization (Luděk Sýkora)
D2 – Challenges of Contemporary Urban Development: the Second Round of Transitions (Luděk Sýkora)
D3 – Progressive Cities: Inclusion, Distributive Justice, Conviviality, and Environmental Well-being in Asia (Mike Douglas)

Section E: Regional-Economic Development

E1 – Regional development in Czechia in European context (Jiří Blažek)

Section F: Demography and Health Geography

F1 – Comparison of population dynamics between the European Union and the United States (Jiřina Kocourková)
F2 – The Geography of Health & Disease, Health Geography of Czechia (Dagmar Dzúrová)

Section G: Industry

G1 – Energetics (Kopačka)
G2 – Automotive Industry in Central and East-central Europe (Pavlínek)

Section H: Cultural and Political Context of Czechia

H1 – Environmental management in Czechia (Václav Treml)
H2 – Rural space and agriculture in the transition process in Czechia (Ivan Bičík)
H3 – Tourism and Second Homes (Jiří Vágner)
H4 – Floods and environmental management (Jakub Langhammer & Tomáš Hudeček)
H5 – Transformation of consumer behavior and consumer habits in Czechia: from hypermarketization to farmers´ markets (Jana Spilková)

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